The Transcontinental Race 2018



The Transcontinental Race 2018

We find people who take up exceptional challenges, greatly surpassing what the average Joe can do, amazing. Karolina Maciejewska, a cyclist and a participant of the Transcontinental Race 2018, is one of such people. So, what is this race actually about? It's a bike ultramarathon during which Karolina cover 4,011 kilometers, with elevation difference of 59,000 m! It took her 14 days and 20 hours to cover the distance, ultimately landing her at 3rd place.

Karolina has admitted herself that it was not so much about the victory, but more about participation and facing her own weaknesses. Naturally, all of this required a lot of preparations. Mactronic remains steadfast in supporting such people, who share the same passion as us for sports, exploring the world and enjoying active life.

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