Zamieć 24 h na Skrzyczne



Zamieć 24 h na Skrzyczne

We are always happy to support all sorts of mountaineering events, often at extreme events. This was also the case with Zamieć 24h na Skrzyczne, an event held first in summer and then in winter. This is an all-day long ultramarathon whose participants are tasked with covering as many circuits of the designated route, from the base camp in Szczyrk, to the summit of Skrzyczne, the highest mountain in Beskid Śląski, reaching 1257 m. Although the summer and winter routes are different, the ultramarathon's goal remains the same.

The POZOR event that took place on August 11 is the summer edition of the winter Zamieć run, which will take place on January 26, 2019. We will be there, as a brand and as a partner, because lighting is absolutely crucial for such events in winter.

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